Femmagic Vagelixir


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  • A magical cocoction of 100% natural botanicals for wombmen used to soothe discomfort, irritation, and kill infections. Vagelixir is a supreme aid to all feminine healing matters restoring your reproductive health, balance, and confidence as a woman.

    How to use:: Shake Vagelixir well. Use a disposable pipette or syringe {do not reuse. Dispose after one use}. Dip new applicator into bottle. Fill up to 1ml or a less {the objective is to coat your vaginal canal}. Insert atleast 3 to 4 inches deep into vaginal canal, release Vagelixir content. Pull out applicator and dispose. Vagelixir also soothes topical irritation, even eczema.

    Can you use while pregnant? Vagelixir effectiveness was discovered while Maat Petrova was pregnant with a fungal infection, doctors tested as “all cured” after using Vagelixir 20 years ago. However, Consult with your physician before use.

    Discharge:: Vagelixir increases natural vaginal lubrication so don’t be alarmed by the extra cream. if it is smooth, possibly white and has no odor, you are fine and extra juicy now.

    Sex:: Can you have sex with vagelixir. Yes you can but be mindful with using vagelixir with condoms as the oils may weaken condoms. if you applied vagelixir 30 minute prior to sex, risk for torn condoms are low. Applying 30 minutes to sex will not affect oral sex with bitter taste.

    Mentrual Cycle:: Yes you can use Vagelixir while menstruating.

    Ingredients. Myrrh, goldenseal root, burdock root, olive oil, citronella essential oil, neem oil, thyme oil.

    Antibacterial(kill bacteria growth).

    • Fungistatic, (stops fungal infection growth)

    • Anti yeast. Diminishes yeast overgrowth

    • Antiseptic-(kills bacteria),

    • Astringent-(Diminishes swelling). Detoxifier- removes toxins & impurities.

    • Restorative-(Restores usual function).

    • Tonic (nourishes, tones & strengthens vaginal muscles).

    • Anti-pyretic (soothe inner fires), fevers).

    • Demulcent- (soothe irritation).

    • Antibiotic- (Kills viral & bacterial infection