Golden Age of the Moor


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by Ivan  Van Sertima

Table of Contents: * RACE AND ORIGIN OF THE MOORS: 1a) Moor in Africa and Europe, origins and definitions by Ivan VAn Van Sertima -- 1b.) Moor in Europe, influences and contributions by I. Van Sertima -- 2a.) Moors in antiquity / James E. Brunson and Runoko Rashidi -- 2b.) Empire of the Moors (an outline, based on interview and summary) by John G. Jackson -- 3.) African heritage and ethnohistory of the Moors, background to the emergence of early Berber and Arab peoples, from prehistory to the Islamic dynasties / Dana Reynolds ------- * MOORS CONTRIBUTIONS TO EUROPEAN CIVIIZATION: 4.) Moor, light of Europe's dark age by Wayne Chandler -- 5.) Moorish Spain: Academic Source and Foundation for the rise and Success of Western European Universities in the Middle Ages by Jose V. Pimienta-Bey -- 6.) Moorish culture-bringers, bearers of enlightenment by Jan Carew -- 7.) Music of the Moors in Spain (Al-Andalus, 711-1492 A.D.) origin of Andalusian musical art, its development and influence on Western culture by Yusef Ali -- 8.) Moors and Portugal's global expansion by Edward Scobie -- 9.) Africans in the birth and expansion of Islam by Mamadou Chinyelu ------- * SCIENCE OF THE MOORS: 10.) Cairo, science academy of the middle ages by Beatrice Limpkin and Siham Zitler -- 11.) Egyptian precursor to Greek and Arab science -- 11a.) The Judgement -- 11b.) Supplements to the indictment by Ivan Van Sertima -- 12.) Annotated bibliography of the Moors, 711-1492 A.D. by James Ravell.