The Veil


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by Ra'mi Tiye Sekhmet (Author)

In the 21st century in America during the beginning of spring a distinct birth takes place under the brightest star and Orion's belt of a blessed carbonated female child. The newborn is placed into a masterful made hand weaved cradle accenting precious stones and cowrie shells. In the unique handmade babies bed the infant is layed within a multi-colored swaddling cloth to wrap the infant as a gift from grandma who is a descendant of west Africa. The infant is an ancestor of indigenous people within a sacred domain out of Kemet. A reincarnated soul that is a protected traveling embryo governed by majestic lodging in regards to the golden tree of life. This child is born with a veil over her face fortold by grandma revealing the African folklore to her daughter. Entailing the coming deliverer who battles against the injustice of a evil and corrupt empire.