Lightning from the East


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This publication has been Re-edited and Re-adapted as a follow up to the 2005 Groundbreaking publication: “The Man of Many Faces: PT. 1 & 2: Uncovering the Truth about Dr. Malachi Z. York” by Yovan Christenson. In light of the ongoing events surrounding the imprisoned Nuwaubian leader Dr. Malachi. Z. York’s as well as the Continued campaign of Slander, Misinformation and Character Assassination against him, such as the recent Slanderous and Historically inaccurate; People Magazine Investigates, Documentary; Cults: Season 1 Episode 6 entitled: "The Nuwaubian Nation of Moors", aired on Discovery Channel, July 06, 2018. Additionally the new controversies surrounding the True identity of Afroo Oonoo and the scandal of Afrika Bambaataa’s Homosexual allegations, have compelled us, as the Co-authors and Contributors of “The Man of Many Faces” book, to Revise, Re-examine the true history and life of Malachi York from a much deeper biographical perspective in order to once and for all set the Record Straight.